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Medicaid (medical assistance) provides health care coverage for individuals who might not otherwise have access to health care. The program is designed to safeguard the health and well-being of Morrow County residents. By keeping the community in good health, Medicaid allows individuals to remain productive members of society. Like health care coverage, Medicaid may pay for part of the cost of visits to the doctor, hospital expenses, nursing home care, and home health care. In some cases, transportation to the doctor may be available. Medicaid programs include programs Covered Families and Children (CFC) Medicaid categories including families, children, pregnant women, adults 19-64 who are below 138% Federal Poverty Level (FPL), Medicare-age eligibility adults (65 or older), individuals certified as blind, disabled by the Social Security Administration, Long Term Care, Spend-down Medicaid, Medicaid Buy-In for Workers with Disabilities, and Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries.

To qualify for Medicaid, a person must:
• be a U.S. citizen or meet Medicaid citizenship requirements;
• be an Ohio resident
• have or get a social security number; and
• meet certain financial requirements

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