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Report Abuse

How to report Child Abuse and Neglect

Anyone who suspects that a child is being abused or neglected should make a referral to their local Children Services Agency. Morrow County Children Services is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. During business hours, Monday thru Friday, 8:00am to
4:30 pm, please call 419-947-9111 and ask for the worker of the day. During nonbusiness hours please contact the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office at 419-946-4444. Any person who knowingly makes or causes another person to make a false report that alleges that any person has committed an act or omission that resulted in a child being abused or neglected is guilty of a violation of section 2921.14 and can be
How to Make A Referral

Any person can make a report to Children Services if they are concerned with the welfare of a child. Reports can make reports over the phone, in person, fax or by letter. Which ever method is chosen to make a report, the agency is need of the following information if it is available.

Information Needed

The name and age of the child (preferable a birth date also)
Address of the child
Who the alleged perpetrator is and the address

  • Information on the perpetrator’s access to the child
  • Names of parents and/or caretakers
  • Address of the legal parent and/or caretakers
  • Names of any other children or adults living in the home.
  • Information (specific as possible) regarding the alleged abuse or neglect. The date of
  • the incident(s), other possible victims, witnesses, etc. How long the issue has existed, if the issue has ever been addressed with the parent/caretaker
  • Names and contact information for others who may know information regarding the
  • allegations.
  • Names of any known relatives and contact information
  • Concerns regarding drugs, alcohol, domestic violence
This is the preferred information. However, call with whatever information you have and feel free to call us back if you find additional information. In order to investigate a report, we must have at a minimum, information to be able to identify the victim and/or a way to locate the victim. hours, an on-call worker is available to handle emergencies and receive reports of abuse and neglect. 


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