MCJFS can only approve benefits for a certain number of months at a time, also known as your certification period. At the end of your certification period, you will receive a letter in the mail at the address we have on record telling you it is time to reapply for benefits.

The following instructions only apply to individuals or families that are currently receiving assistance, and have received a reapplication letter. If you have had a lapse in your benefits, you will need to fill out a new application.

Step 1: Submit an application to reapply

Once you receive your appointment letter in the mail, you will need to submit JFS 07204 to reapply for benefits. This form is included with your appointment letter.

You can submit the JFS 07204 and verification documents in the following ways:

·         Online through the ODJFS Online Benefit Application Portal. Select “My Case”.

·         Print a JFS 07204 and return through:


Fax your signed form to 419-947-9115

Deliver in person

Signed forms can be scanned at the MCJFS main location:

619 W. Marion Rd, Entrance B, Lower Level

Mt. Gilead, Ohio 43338


Signed applications can also be mailed to the address above

Step 2: Gather Verification Documents

As part of your reapplication, you may be required to verify some of your information, particularly if you have had a change in circumstances since your last application. The caseworker will help you identify the specific documents needed, but in general we will need to verify:

·         The last 30 days of your income (two bi-weekly, or four weekly pay checks)

·         If there is additional household members or fewer household members

·         If your employment has changed (lost or new job)

·         If you have moved, you must re-verify your shelter costs (mortgage, rent and utilities)

Please write your name and case number or social security number on all verification documents.

Step 3: The Interview

You will receive an appointment letter in the mail with a date and time of your phone interview. You will need to call the Call Center 844-640-6446 at the time of your given appointment.

Most reapplication interviews are completed over the phone. The caseworker will ask you some questions and will identify the specific verification documents that are needed to continue your case.

Step 4: Return any Additional Verification Documents

During your interview, your caseworker will identify any additional verification documents we need to complete your case. The sooner you return the verification documents, the sooner your case can be completed.

Return those verification documents to us with your name and case number or social security number on ALL documents.


Fax your documents to 419-947-9115

Deliver in person

Documents can be delivered to MCJFS’s agency:

619 West Marion Rd, Entrance B, Lower Level

Mt. Gilead, Ohio 43338

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